Thursday, 3 January 2013

Progress on Legolas and Gimli (mostly Gimli)

Gimli himself is nearly finished, and just needs his boots and belt buckle to be painted. Legolas has seen no attention since my last post. 

I have decided that Elven Cloaks are the most infernally horrible part of any model to paint, because they have such an awkward green-grey colouring to them. Hopefully I can do a better job on Legolas when I get around to painting his. I've been counting up the number of models I have with elven cloaks so that i can have the satisfaction of crossing them off as I do them.

Dying Boromir
Gimli (Helm's Deep)
Gimli (Three Hunters)
Gimli (Legolas and Gimli Mounted)
Legolas (Legolas and Gimli Mounted)
Legolas (Three Hunters)
Legolas (Helm's Deep)
Legolas (Amon Hen)
Aragorn (Three Hunters)
Frodo (Osgiliath)
Frodo (Captured by Gondor)
Sam (In the Clutches of Shelob)
Sam (Captured by Gondor)
Pippin (Minas Tirith)
Merry (Rohan)

And I know that list will grow before it shrinks to nothing because at some point I know I'll add Boromir of Gondor (alive and well and most likely foot and mounted), Aragorn mounted and quite possibly a Gimli-less mounted Legolas. Maybe I'll have got the recipe perfected by then.

Until next time, may the wind beneath your wings bear you to where the sun sails and the moon walks!

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