Friday, 1 August 2014

Gandalf the White: A Photo Journey

So I've just finished painting Gandalf the White for the One Ring Painting Competition (July).

I began work with about 35 hours until the competition closed, and for the first part, I was a little out of it on painkillers (recent foot surgery, hence my sudden activity with models). It didn't help that sleep was required in the middle of it (I started at 12:21am July 31st NZT), nor that some new models arrived this afternoon. Nonetheless, it's now about 4am, August 1st NZT, and I finished about half an hour ago - only 7.5hrs to spare! I think next month I will actually start painting at the beginning on the month. It might be a smart move, but who knows? *cue cheeky grin*

Here are pictures as I worked  on each stage:

Unfortunately, my iPod washes out the photos a bit, and the prevalence of white on the model doesn't help. Still, it does take better pictures than anything else I have.

I really hate painting white - more so than elven cloaks even. A bugger, therefore, that I still have about 22 models to paint which are predominantly white. It takes so many layers to get it blended right, and I'm not sure if my hand is arthritic, or I have a repetitive strain injury, but either way, it's enough to make me want to complain about it. I nearly gave up half way through because of it. White models are thus definitely ones to spread over a week, or a whole month.

Next month's contest is looking like either Mordor or Elven themed, though Rohan may yet take the vote. I have models for all realms to do. Gamling on foot with the banner for Rohan; Thranduil, Gil-galad, or wraith-Galadriel for the Elves; or Sauron, Shelob, the Witch-king, or an Orc hero for Mordor are my picks to paint. Don't know which it will be yet, but it will be started once my hand stops hurting.

Until next time, may the wind under your wings bear you to where the sun sails and the moon walks!

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