Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Getting Fixed

While I wait for paints to arrive by post (ideally by the weekend), I've decided to get my models bases done and painted. Normally, I'd do my bases last, but it's the messiest part of the model so it makes sense to do it first really. I've also taken the opportunity to fix up a couple of second hand models that I got a while ago - Gandalf the White (my next planned paintjob), and the mounted Fellowship Boromir. Not too bad, considering that they combined cost me about $15NZD.

When I got Gandalf, the lower end of his staff was missing, and the top end of the staff was bent 180 degrees out of place, so bending it back wasn't going to fix it. It was a bit of a fiddly job to drill into the head of the staff, but it's all secure now - bending it will probably break the join at the wrist before the staff breaks. I stripped him down previously, hence the dull tone on most of the metal.

I didn't initially realise that Boromir was broken when I got him, as his arm was glued on and looked about right. When I stripped him though, the arm came off, and I saw that he had no upper right arm, so the previous owner had cut the arm off at the elbow, and then glued the lower arm to the shoulder. The horse's hoof was also buggered where it joined the base, and there was no tab to attach it to the base, and the hoof was deformed.
I've now put a pin up the horse's leg and into the base, and it's now nice and secure. The arm, however, will be a little more problematic. I've put in an armature of about the right length, but I'm not sculptor. I very rarely bother to alter the pose of any model at all, so I don't know if my technical abilities are going to be sufficient to fix the arm and add enough detail to it so that I can paint it up nicely later with no evidence of the underlying structure. The same applies to the hoof, but I can at least hide that in grass if needed.

Until next time, may the wind under your wings bear you to where the sun sails and the moon walks.

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