Tuesday, 24 March 2015

He's a Big Boy

That dragon really is. I've never taken quite so long to get a model fully assembled before, but after a month and a half after I bought him, Smaug is finally assembled, the putty still curing. Partly that time is due to having full time work, and now that I'm only working part time (training as a lab technician with the rest of my time now) I can work a bit more on model stuffs.

I haven't glued him to his base, but otherwise everything is stuck there until the end of time. I've got no idea when I'll start painting him, but I'd like to at least get him undercoated in the next two weeks. That's a task which will have to battle for priority with this lot though:

The above being
x2 Winged Nazgul
a Balrog
a Mumak (I really wanted to compare Smaug to one)
Eomer (foot and mounted)
Thranduil (foot and mounted and stretching his legs)
Bard, Bolg and Yazneg (foot and mounted)
Bard with the Windlance
Actually, I'm too tired right now to bother finishing the list because it's a long one that literally covers half my bed.

Until next time, wind, wings, et cetera, sleep.

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