Thursday, 19 February 2015

Time is 'Dragon' on

The one time that I actually hope for a replacement model when I ask for just the component, and it's the one time they send just the component... t'was a long shot anyway.

After three days of fairly solid work, I've assembled most of him. Still a bit to go, but there's so much I want to do before I finish the assembly stage.

I decided to do him with his wings glued on as I can't figure out how I would paint him and then attach the wings neatly. A feeling of vindication in this resulted when I dry-fitted the wings to find that serious bending was in order. After all, his feet must line up with the footprints on the base, his wings must line up with the body, and his hands must line up with the pillars. Lining all that up will be much easier if his wings are already attached. I won't glue him to the base though until after painting - not totally insane. It's a pity though that his wings are posed as they are. I'd really like to see the detail they cover up on the final model.

Lots of gap-filling is required before I progress much further. Some gaps around the ridge of spines on his lower back are particularly frustrating me where the detail was supposed to line up, but realistically no amount of hot water will fix. Seeing as my sculpting tool box currently only contains a loop of wire, a compass point, and my fingers, I might need to invest in some real tools in order to finish up. Some silicon-tipped instruments would be perfect, just for smoothing over tighter areas where liquid green stuff isn't an option. I'll go as far as I can without them, simply because I have no idea when I'll be able to find some. Putty time is the time that's going to bore me on this model, already the prospect of several sessions to be spent on the spikes on his back is putting me off doing anything, especially as I still have every model from the previous post to fill gaps on too, but I'll chip away at it over the next few weeks and hope for good results. Damn work, always getting in the way.

Bilbo will probably end up on the 25mm base. I prefer models to be on their own bases, even when intended for display. Maybe I'll find a way to make him removable from both bases. 

Until next time, may the wind under your (dragon's) wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks!

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