Thursday, 5 February 2015

Go Left! No, Your Other Left!

Got my Smaug model today, well, most of him. There were two wings included in the kit, but...

...yeah I need the wing for the other left side. Contacted GW, and they said they'll send me a replacement. Normally when they say "replacement", I end up with a whole new model so here's hoping!

In other model news, I'm gonna need to assemble a lot of minis to make space for Smaug:

Pictured are:
Tom, Bert, and William (second hand, on sprue for only $50, plus $8 for the bases from GW, usually $165)
Gwaihir (second hand, on sprue for $60, usually $80)
The new White Council (will detail them when I assemble all this stuff)
Fimbul and Narzug (got for 15% off the RRP)
Riddles in the Dark
Elrond foot and mounted
Legolas foot and mounted
Gothmog (Pelennor)
Master of Laktown
Gandalf the Grey mounted (Only $30 - that's less than he was when he was in production)
4 metal Nazgul
Weathertop Hobbits
Warg Attack Theoden who needs a new arm
All the Beorns
Paladin Took
Fredegar Bolger
Thorin (Erebor)
Bilbo (Burgulator)

When I get some time off work, I'll post about the assembly of these models, and when I get Smaug's wing I will put up pics of him.

Until next time, may the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks (as long as you have both your wings)!

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