Monday, 31 December 2012

Models of 2012 - a Gallery

A gallery of the models that I have painted in 2012 - all seven of them!

Amdur, Lord of Blades:
Amdur was a lot of fun to paint. I had been eyeing him up just as a nice Easterling commander model, just because I love his pose. I painted him of the One Ring painting competition sometime between March and May, and was really pleased with how he turned out, with the armour and freehand being my favourite parts to do. The symbols on his loincloth are just some random Japanese Hiragana, so they don't actually say or mean anything. You can see I started off a bit shaky with them, but got better towards the bottom of the cloth.


Boromir, Captain of the White Tower:
I had this model sitting around for ages and ages. Originally I had converted him, giving him a spear from a Warrior of Minas Tirith and a paper banner, but then I stripped him down. As at this stage he had no sword, I stole one from another Warrior of Minas Tirith, and the patch up job doesn't look too bad. His face is one of the best faces I've painted to date, and I even did the eyes rather well (although they don't show up particularly well in the photo) - I even put a bit of Ardcoat onto them so his eyes are shining with pride after retaking Osgiliath (his base is supposed to be either in an old park or on the outskirts of the city).


Dragon Knight: I did this guy after being spurred on by my success with Amdur, and even went and brought three boxes of plastic Kataphrakts, a War Priest (on foot and mounted) and a mounted Dragon Knight with the intention of having a whole force painted up like this. I still might get onto that one day, but I'm enjoying just painting models up for display now.


Dying Boromir: 
This was the first model I painted in 2012. Some things weren't particularly well thought out on him, like the gold on his sleeves being painted straight over the red (so the gold doesn't show up as much as I'd like it to). I was really aiming for realism with him, so I made the skin tones a little lighter than I otherwise would have representing the state of shock he would be in after taking that many arrows to the chest and simultaneously ceasing to be an adventurer with the rest of the Fellowship.

Elrond, Master of Rivendell: 
I actually have two of this model, one that I got when it was released, and another from an auction I won containing a bunch of Elf Heroes. I painted this one up as a test piece originally and so the robe lacks some of the contrast I would normally put into it. In a few years I want to go and paint up my other one to compare the change in my abilities over time.

Gandalf the Grey: 
Up until the release of the new White Council, this was one of my favourite Gandalf models. Actually, I like them all (except the Mines of Moria plastic one), and I have also got him from the Fellowship box set and Orthanc set too. I painted him quite dark to emphasise his mysteriousness, but I probably wouldn't do that on my other ones.

This is my most favourite of the three current Gollum models, it just fits his sneaky nature perfectly. I had quite a big gap between painting between the Dragon Knight and Gollum (think about eight months) so Gollum being such a simple model was a great way to get back into it.  Iwas very meticulous about recording the paints and ratios I used on him, and I will be about each model I do from now on, because it's a very handy reference to have. I also have the Gollum eating a fish, which I'm considering doing as a diorama piece, but I may also treat it like my second Elrond and guage my improvement with it.

Until next time, may the wind beneath your wings bear you to where the sun sails and the moon walks!

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