Sunday, 30 November 2014

I'm still here.

Alive, not really kicking. But with rumors of Smaug gracing the internet the last few days, and some lovely character models over the last two weeks, I thought I should paint something in the lead up.

Mounted Thranduil is an exciting model for me, and I'm particularly chuffed that he's not on his goddamned Elk, because I really hate that thing. Smaug will be the deciding factor in my next round of purchases. Should he be confirmed, I'll buy him straight away, maybe with the new Thorin, Fili and Kili (and whatever other members of the company come with them given their funny set arrangement). If Smaug doesn't happen, then I'll get all the characters to have come out so far in this wave.

I'm breaking my own rule of not batch painting a bit here by doing the skin, mail, and hair of 4 Eowyns at once, but I need to feel like I'm getting something done, and these areas are simple enough that batch painting won't look too bad. I do feel that the Perry's dropped to ball a bit when they did mtd Eowyn's face as the nose is rather squashes and there's no definition for the lips. Perhaps the dropped ball landed on her face. I'm also plagued by the fact that the notes I took when painting my last Eowyn's face and hair have gone missing. At least the gist of the skin is simple - Elf Flesh, washes of Ogryn Flesh, add white, more washes.

But hey, it's something, right? After this batch section, I'll bring Eowyn with shield to completion, and do Merry and the Witch-king to complete the diorama. I'll be really happy to see that finished and on display.

Picture isn't great, but it illustrates the point of this posting that I'm at least doing things.

Until next time.

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