Tuesday, 9 September 2014

And I Never Sculpted Fire Again

Unless I somehow end up with a second Denethor... maybe... I kinda hope not...

Anyway, I'm done with these guys until I get to painting them. I have two particular favourites that I look forward to painting, the other three will be a bit of a grind for the sake of getting them all done.

Undercoated Aragorn for the sake of completeness (if I didn't know about that arm....) :

Now that I've got all this puttying out of my system, I'm at a crossroads for what to paint next. On one hand, I've got the Fate of the Witch-king to finish up, but on the other hand, getting the Ringwraiths and Aragorn done would be good too. Maybe I'll hold off on painting this Aragorn because his garb is very similar to the Aragorn I painted a few weeks back - I could to Weathertop Aragorn instead. Hardly solves my problem though....

Until next time, may the wind under your wings bear you to where the sun sails and the moon walks!

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